October 2021


Research and Design of Cruz Médika 

January 2022


Start of Platform Construction

December 2022


 Pilot 1: 

Apps are released to Stores (Controlled Testing)

January 2023


Implementation of GDPR and HIPAA compliance

May 2023


Version 1.1: 

Apps in Spanish for Mexico

July 2023


Version 1.2: 

Apps in Spanish for Latin american countries

September 2023


Version 1.3: 

Apps in all languages for Developing Countries

October 2023


Version 1.4: 

Apps include International Promoters of Health  (independent freelancers to support local communities in using the platform for a percentage of platform income)

January 2024


Version 1.5: On line Donations in money or in kind between Patients

March 2024


Version 1.6: 

On line Insurance between Patients (simple agreements for mutualist protection)

July 2024


Version 1.7: 

On line Volunteering between Patients (people offer and/or seek services of support to improve well-being) 

 September 2024


Version 1.8: 

Automatic radar between patients and health providers (use of Artificial Intelligence to find the people most in need to help them)

Health Apps, free of cost
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