Namrah Rehman

Cruzmedika is doing a fantastic job for connecting telehealth services to all people around the globe. The best part is that you people have invited health consultants from all the domains to serve the people of low-and-middle-income families. Telehealth indeed is the need of the hour to accommodate people in the provision of better and quality healthcare services. Talking about developing nations like Pakistan and other Asian countries of the sub-continent this type of healthcare services are highly beneficial because of a cost-free platform where consultans decide their own prices or even zero to provide their services.

Many people in my country don’t have access to quality care and medical facilities because of the financial crisis and living in remote areas. The good thing about your website and app is that it is available in different languages including Urdu and other local languages of Pakistan.

For healthcare providers, the introduction of the Cruzmedika telehealth app will reduce expenses.

The inclusion of local healthcare will make it easy for people to interact and describe their condition with ease, and they will feel less reluctant.