We are an online Health Promotion Center (attending via Cruz Medika)
Free Medical Teleconsultation 

Patient care in general.
Our health promotion center supports you at no cost.
Contact us by WhatsApp:  +1-469-828-5407.

  • Online General Medical Consultation
  • General Guidance on Health Issues
  • Online Diagnosis and Prescriptions
  • Interpretation of your Medical Studies
  • Search and Connection with Medical Specialists
  • Search and Connection with Health Foundations and/or Public Health Centers
  • Participate in Public Health Forums (https://cruzmedika.com/forums)
  • Find Health Specialists of all kinds.  Download apps (https://cruzmedika.com)
  • Join our Neighborhood Volunteer Network (there is room for everyone in multiple forms of support)

For Health Advisors of all types.

  • Download our Apps and register your consultations and/or health services in general (https://cruzmedika.com
  • Offer your specialized consultations with or without cost, you decide!
  • Available for all health fields: Licensed Physicians, Alternative Therapists of all types, Nurses, Caregivers, Trainers, Pharmaceutical Couriers, Independent Pharmacies-Shops, Independent Ambulances, Health Promoters, Others
  • You can serve through video consultations, at home or in the office
  • You can serve locally and/or internationally
  • Let’s help our people