What is a Cruzcoin?

Cruzcoin  is our own Cryptocurrency (Buy Now)

  • “Cruzcoin” is our own cryptocurrency officially registered on the Binance Smart Chain
  • The objective of issuing “Cruzcoins” is to attract donations and at the same time share a small fraction of our Company with the General Public
  • Initially some “Cruzcoins” will be donated to the first users of the platform, however at any time anyone can buy our crypto currency (“Cruzcoins”) in our website, during the period of presale or within the BSC (“Binance Smart Chain”), after the presale period is over
  • Clarification: Our crypto currency (“Cruzcoin”) is not a currency to pay for medical consultations within our “Cruz Médika” application, since within our platform the means of payment is only with a regular bank card (visa, mastercard)

    “Cruzcoins” – growing value

  • “Cruzcoin” is like any other cryptocurrency, a parallel value to a cause and/or company that tends to grow over time, so it is good to accumulate our cryptocoins
  • The initial value of a “Cruzcoin” is thousandths of a dollar, however, over time, this crypto currency will have a significant growth in its value, so holders of “Cruzcoins” will very likely multiply their savings
  • We estimate an exponential growth of “Cruzcoins” in the first 2 years based on the use of the platform in Latin american and international towns




Start of Construction of Cruz Médika 


Feb 2022


Start of Presale of Cruzcoins (Initial Coin Offering)


Dec 2022


 Cruz Médika Apps are released to Stores




Donation of Cruzcoins within Cruz Médika


June 2023


Connection of Cruz Médika to Governments of LATAM


Dec 2023


End of Donation and Presale of Cruzcoins


Jan 2024


Training within Cruz Médika to help new people become basic Alternative Therapists


Jun 2024


Online Money Insurance between patients


Oct 2024


Online Donations between Patients


Dec 2024


Use of Cryptocoins payments within Cruz Médika


Jan 2025


Cruz Médika provides Bank Cards (Fintech)


Mar 2025


Use of Artificial Intelligence to find and help the most needed people



Cruzcoins Economics

Presale: Stage – 1


15,000 million

Cruzcoins initially issued

1,000 million

Cruzcoins for coordinators of international markets

1 BNB = 100,000

Cruzcoins during Presale

1,000 million

Cruzcoins for Research and Development

1 BNB = 50,000

Cruzcoins after Presale is over

1,000 million

Cruzcoins for Marketing

2,000 million

Cruzcoins in Presale (for 6 months) to raise seed capital

5,000 million

Cruzcoins for Sale (trading)

1,000 million

Cruzcoins to be donated to the international users of Cruz Médika platform

4,000 million

Cruzcoins for various projects of operational development of the company

Use of Coins Cruzcoins in Millions Distribution
I. Presale 2,000 13.34%
II. Patients 1,000 6.67%
III. Coordinators 1,000 6.67%
IV. Research 1,000 6.67%
V. Marketing 1,000 6.67%
VI. Trading 5,000 33.33%
VII. Company 4,000 26.67%
TOTAL 15,000 100%